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Saratoga Integrative Medicine

Meet Our Physicians

Heidi Rasmussen MD

Dr. Rasmussen is a board certified family physician and is certified in functional medicine. She completed a family practice residency in 1994 at Albany Medical Center. She has a strong background in the sciences, having graduated from Albany Medical College in 1991 after finishing her undergraduate degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Frustrated by some of the limitations of conventional medicine in the management of many chronic medical issues, she began to explore other modalities in an effort to find answers for many patients who were suffering. She began to study osteopathic and functional medicine. Using these approaches, coupled with the best of what allopathic medicine has to offer, Dr. Rasmussen is uniquely qualified to treat her patients in a truly holistic way. She commonly sees patients who have exhausted other options and is able to provide them with solutions.


Sean Kimball DO

With degrees in physical therapy and osteopathic medicine, 

Dr. Kimball is a board certified family medicine practitioner and member of 

The Institute for Functional

Medicine. He utilizes a patient-centered, integrative approach to medical care

 for patients of all ages.

Functional medicine principles, supplement and herbal recommendations, 

nutritional and behavioral

counseling, therapeutic exercise, mind-body disciplines, as well as traditional medical interventions are combined with 

hands-on osteopathic treatment to achieve a 

holistic, health based approach to disease

and wellness. Dr. Kimball has extensive training in the hands-on application of osteopathic principles,​having treated thousands of patients since being introduced to osteopathic medicine in 1998.